Best 10 Qualities of a Good Leader (For Resume and Interviews)

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What differentiates a leader from others? The most of us have considered this subject and have repeatedly worked to establish ourselves as leaders. The remedy is simple and clear: leaders stand out from the crowd due to their qualities and vision.

Nevertheless, there is a significant distinction between being a leader and being an excellent leader. While a leader has power and utilises it to make decisions, a good leader engages with the team to reach judgements and develops with the team.

But becoming into a good leader takes time! While some people naturally possess leadership qualities, others spend years honing these skills in order to lead others.

As we review the top 10 attributes of a strong leader for resumes and interviews that one pursuing a leadership post must cultivate, we take a deep dive to discover what qualities constitute a good leader.

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Here are the top 10 qualities which helps you to get Best Jobs in your City.

1. Self Awareness

Self-awareness is one of the most key qualities of a strong leader. A competent leader understands the importance of effective verbal and nonverbal communication, how to engage with superiors and subordinates, and how to assign and distribute tasks.

Self-awareness is one of the most essential qualities since groups of people prefer to follow their leader. It enables individuals to think and understand how they affect others, which helps them deal with challenging and stressful situations.

2. Action-oriented

Words are not as impactful as deeds! An individual who only talks but does not do anything is not a great leader. A decent leader formulates a strategy and emphasizes implementation over all other considerations.

The key to effective leadership is taking effective action since it paves the way for the team and expedites work.

3. Down-to-earthness

Being modest is a sign of a good leader, making it one of the most important characteristics of the same.

Patience, comprehension, and empathy for the team come with modesty. A humble leader is more likely to foster stronger teamwork, use empathetic leadership strategies, and be receptive to team suggestions.

This boosts overall team morale and benefits both the business and its employees.

4. Strategic and Analytical

Being analytical is a crucial component of effective leadership. A good leader may improve the company’s future by using strategy to achieve amazing achievements.

Leaders may analyse current patterns and make plans to maximise the future using strategy, which is a fantastic approach to grow the company and the team.

5. Believes in empowering the team

The capacity to empower a team is one of a successful leader’s essential traits. Team empowerment results from leaders having faith in their staff to make wise choices and providing them with helpful criticism when they don’t.

A team that is self-assured, aware of their surroundings, and capable of making wise judgements may be created by a leader that believes in giving people the authority.

The following are some strategies for leaders to empower their teams:

  • Considering the team’s suggestions
  • Use your abilities effectively.
  • Considering them while making decisions
  • Applaud their work
  • Mentoring

6. Good Communication Skills

A strong leader should have great communication skills since they ena ble them to evaluate their team and assign tasks efficiently.

Communication abilities enable them to connect with their team, deliver important information, and comprehend their issues and complaints.

A competent leader must be effective at communicating since a leader who does not give clear instructions but instead offers ambiguous comments might stifle the team’s development.

Leaders may help their teams fulfil their potential and contribute more effectively by communicating effectively with them.

7. Attention to detail

One of the many traits of a successful leader is attention to detail. A competent leader may be thorough, exacting, and more attentive overall because of this trait.

A competent leader is adept at recognising irregularities and mistakes before they become serious, enabling them to recognise and fix faults and direct their team to complete tasks with high standards.

8. Capacity to accept criticism and feedback

Accepting criticism at work, especially from a young employee, takes courage. One of the finest traits a leader can show is the ability for accepting constructive criticism.

Accepting criticism with grace and a willingness to get better are traits of confidence. Additionally, it aids in the development of leadership and professional capabilities.

9. People Management

One of a team leader’s duties is managing the team’s members. In contrast to coaching, teaching, and inspiring the team to perform well, a competent leader must set a good example for them.

People management problems can make it difficult for a leader to develop great leadership since their team won’t be attracted to follow them.

People management is one of the top traits of a good leader since it can be used for effective team management, goal establishing, and clear communication.

10. Quick Decision Making

Leaders and managers frequently find themselves in precarious circumstances where they must decide quickly. In fact, the leader must be more flexible the larger the business.

Making decisions quickly is one of a good leader’s most important skills. A strong leader can confidently make choices and guarantee that they do it quickly and with consideration for their team’s and the company’s growth.


Although it may sound exciting, not everyone is cut out to be a leader. If you possess the aforementioned traits, you meet the bill! In interviews and on resumes, emphasise your talents and abilities by using these characteristics of effective leaders.

Additionally, be careful to respond to interview questions like “What are the attributes of a good leader?” with the qualities pertinent to your application and the position.

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