How to response when Employer asks “Tell me about yourself” !

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The “tell me about yourself” job interview question is a great opportunity to promote yourself as the best applicant for the position in addition to serving as a warm-up question. In all honesty, the phrase “Tell me about yourself” isn’t really a question. You have an open invitation to dazzle the interviewer and land the job. However, the majority of candidates frequently falter, stutter, and freeze in the heat of the moment, speaking only a few irrelevant topics.

So continue reading to learn our TIPS for how to be ready for this timeless classic.

There are numerous methodologies to resolving this query. You can either prepare multiple answers for each person you might be interviewed by, or you can use the well-known approach of generating “your own 30 second ad.”

Begin with your name.

Several candidates become worried when they face this question because they usually consider the employer has asked an extremely complex situation. Essentially, he’s interested in seeing how assured and competent you are at promoting yourself. Commence with your name and feel free to add one or two lines about your preferences.

Describe your background

Always provide a brief description of your experiences and education to complement your introduction. Think in terms of bullet points and verifiable facts; do not waste the time on needless minutiae. Mention your background and the route your ambitions and goals see you taking. If the individual interviewing you begins taking notes, don’t be surprised. It is a great sign and shows that the investigator is paying particular attention to you and your talk. So project confidence and be sincere at all times!

Include a connection to the position you’re looking for.

Herein is the problem. Your objective is to effectively weave your background history into a narrative of your triumphs that are relevant to the position you are looking for. Tell them you’re the one they’re looking for, please!

Don’t Blabber

Less is more! Use the same principle to answer this age-old query. You will soon bore the interviewer to death if you just blabber on and give him the narrative of your life. Smiling and maintaining an upbeat, enthusiastic tone throughout your condensed microbiography can help the interview flow more smoothly.

Employers don’t really care where you grew up, so keep in mind that your response should be tailored to the position rather than becoming a personal narrative. They are interested in how you will benefit their business.

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